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Forever Windows - Home Of The Double Lifetime Guarantee

We're happy to share the story of our company below, but if we had to get it down into a single thought it would be the Double Lifetime Guarantee that we offer here at Forever Windows

Don Frost, our owner, saw the warranties that are standard in this industry and immediately recognized that they were an embarrassment. Loading the pages of the contract with fine print so you never really have to honor them is a lousy practice and he did not want any part of that here at Forever Windows.  

As a matter of fact, not only do we stand behind the product we sell you, we actually do a double lifetime warranty! We want you to know that we're so confident in what we sell that even if a customer sells their home, they can transfer our warranty to the new owners. That's not something that we've seen anyone else do. It's one of the many reasons we say A Lifetime Of Savings. Forever Windows.

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Why We Started Forever Windows

That's our owner, Don Frost, Jr. up on a 20' ladder making sure that everything is perfect before we leave a job. Look as hard as you want and you're not going to see another owner up there wiping off a window. That commitment to excellence is just one of the things that makes Forever Windows so distinctly different than other window companies. 

As you look around this site, and when you hire Forever Windows, you will see these three principles: 

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Quality

You're going see those values in everything we do.


The idea for Forever Windows came when Don realized that people were buying cheap windows because they don't know that quality windows are an option for them. Some people were worried about the cost of better windows, while others simply didn't realize that longer-lasting products were available.

Don decided that it was important to let people know that they didn't have to settle for windows that would only last them for a few years. People didn't need to be stuck with windows that were easily broken. He knew if people were aware of a better product they would line up for it!

We also believe that honesty includes telling the truth in our pricing. For example, you're not going to ever see one of those buy-two-windows-and-get-the-third-free kinda deals with Forever Windows because they are a scam. Companies offering those deals add the price of the free window into the price of the two windows. We aren't going to do that. We promise to always shoot straight with you. Telling the truth in every aspect is extremely important to us.


We offer the highest quality products at a much lower price than big box stores or our corporate competitors. We can do that because we are a family-owned business. No one here is saving up for a super yacht or sending money to a Swiss bank account. We just want to be able to pay our bills and live a meaningful life. We don't have to gouge our customers to do that. As a matter of fact, Don knew that the Forever Windows concept would require him to do just the opposite!

We realized that an important way to keep prices down was to create products in our own factory.

As a United States Navy veteran, it also felt good for Don to know that the products he sold and installed were going to be made here in America. (Specifically, as a Navy submarine veteran, he's also learned a lot of jokes. Ask him about his favorite one when you see him!) 

Getting back on topic, as a family-owned company, we don't have to worry about someone coming in and telling us we could make more money by moving our manufacturing somewhere else. We sleep better knowing that we are putting out the highest quality products while getting people to work right here at home. At Forever Windows, that's all we can ask for.


During his decades in the home remodeling industry, Don worked tirelessly to refine that idea. He didn't just want to make a better product, but he also wanted a better experience for the customer! What he came up with was Forever Windows. A new approach to every facet of the job.

We started offering free estimates that were good for an entire year. We are not pressuring people into anything. That's not how we like to be treated so it's not how we are going to treat you. We also came up with the Double Lifetime Guarantee mentioned above. In our opinion, a warranty like that is greatest testament to quality. 

Also, if you enjoy being around fun people, Forever Windows is hiring too!

Forever Windows Means Forever

Our employees are proud to represent our company whether they are on the clock or off of it. We hold them to the highest standards because we want to make sure that you have the experience of a lifetime, We are proud of what we have created and we know that you will feel just as good when you work with us.

If honesty, integrity and quality are important to you then call us today at 980-434-5347

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