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The choices of shapes, colors and materials for your new or replacement windows are endless. If this is your first time renovating your house or building a new one, it's probably a bit overwhelming. That's why Forever Windows is here. 

We know all about the different windows people purchase and where they work best in your home. We love to share what we know on this subject, too. Even if you don't know vinyl windows from Windows 95, call 980-434-5347 today for a free estimate on your job.

We come to your home and help you through the process, step-by-step. Residential homes are all we do so we know what makes them work. We even can help you get financing. Call 980-434-5347 today for your free estimate.


What Type Of Windows Do I Need?

The short answer is probably double-hung. We say that because double-hung windows are used in 95% of homes but were getting ahead of ourselves. Since there are so many ways to customize windows, it's easiest to start with the 5 main types that people choose from.

Each of these descriptions link to a full page of information if you are looking to learn even more about them:

Fw Double Hung V1a

Double-Hung Windows have that name because there is a sash that opens at the bottom,
(where you'd expect the window to open up,) but there's another sash that opens at the top!

This makes the window easier to clean, improves ventilation and also improves safety.

Since both the top and bottom can be pulled out, you can get out of the window easier in an emergency. A 6’1” 240 lbs. man can pull out the windows and be through the frame and outside in literally seconds.

Fw Sliding V1a

Sliding windows are great when you don't have a lot of space available. They occupy the same area when opened as they do when closed. They are a great way to increase ventilation in small areas!

Fw Baybow V1a

A bay window or bow window is a perfect way to add an expansive view to your home. They make a great focal point of your house from both inside and out.

Fw Specialty V1a

Specialty windows can be customized in a nearly limitless configuration of ways, and make quite a statement. We can create an amazing number of different sizes and shapes of glass in our own factory, and install them exactly how you pictured!

Casement Diagram@2x
Awning Diagram@2x

Casement and awning windows are 2 similar types of windows that open on a hinge by turning a crank. Casement windows have their hinges on the side and open out horizontally. Awning windows, as the name suggests, open out vertically on a hinge at the top of the frame.

We Also Offer Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are a great solution to so many problems! They can be added to your current space or we can use them to create a whole new look for your home. The doors are beautiful and functional, but they can also offer fringe benefits like increasing your home's energy efficiency!

Best of all, Forever Windows makes the doors in our own factory, so we can assure you that they are the highest quality product on the market. 

Call 980-434-5347 today to get more information about our sliding doors or to schedule a free estimate on your job!

When Is The Best Time To Replace My Windows?

The best time to replace your windows is before they lose their energy efficiency. If you can feel a draft then you are throwing away money! The longer that window sits there the worse the draft will become and the more it's going to cost you in utilities. 

Climate can also have an impact on when you can replace your windows, but we are fortunate to have a pretty big window of opportunity in our area, (if you'll forgive the pun.)  The more windows you're replacing, the more time your home will be exposed to the heat or cold outside, so late spring or early fall are ideal times for this project. However, summer also is good because the cool nighttime air can help to offset the hot air that got in during the project. Of course, windows can be installed during the winter, but you're going to want to have some blankets and really good hot chocolate on hand!

Whenever you decide that it's time to replace your windows, you want to call us at 980-434-5347 !  

Remember, don't just pay for a name... pay for quality with Forever Windows.

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